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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Diversifying Income Opportunities on Small Woodlands

Dates: May 1-Onalaska, WA (please check our Upcoming Events webpage for specific information about each workshop)
May 22-Oakville, WA
June 19-Vancouver, WA
Time: 9:00-4:00
Cost: $25 (includes lunch and refreshments)

Small woodland owners in the Pacific Northwest manage some of the most biologically rich and productive forests in the world. By understanding the unique markets and tools available to them, woodland owners can develop a financial model that optimizes the revenue potential of their forests while protecting the conservation value of the land for generations to come. This one-day seminar will introduce landowners to a series of strategies and tools that can help them reduce management costs, diversify revenue streams and protect the ecological values of their land into the future.

Topics will include:

· FSC “green” Certification and Markets
· Selling Carbon Offsets
· Small-scale Wood Processing and Value-added Sales
· Current Use Taxation
· Working Forest Conservation Easements
· Conservation Funding Programs for Small Woodland Owners

To register, submit the form on the back of the attached flier.

For more information, contact: Kirk Hanson 360-316-9317, kirk@nnrg.org

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