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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Minutes from Non-Profit Meeting Feb. 5, 2009

Minutes for non-profit incorporation meeting, February 5, 2009, Onalaska Horizons group.
Place: Roden’s, 1099 SR 508, Chehalis, WA 98532, potluck dinner
Time: 6-8:30 pm
Attendance: Zane Hutcheson, Pete Murphy, Anne Hanrahan, Adrien Givens, Susan Roden, and Omroa Baghwandin by telephone
The purpose of the meeting was to prepare for the formation of a non-profit 501C3 corporation by electing officers for the board and developing a vision and a mission statement.
The initial slate of officers was presented:
President: Omroa Baghwandin
Vice President: Zane Hutcheson
Secretary: Susan Roden
Treasurer: Lori Van Clifford
PR: Annie Baghwandin
Pete Murphy and Anne Hanrahan agreed to serve on the Board of Directors as needed, but not in an officer capacity.
After mutual input and revision, the following mission statement was drafted:
Our mission is to develop innovative and sustainable business and educational opportunities compatible with a rural lifestyle in the Onalaska area, uniting people of diverse backgrounds to reduce poverty, to enhance and develop the cultural and natural resources of the area, and to develop alliances with surrounding communities to promote the common goals of community and celebration.
In addition, the following vision statement was proposed:
Our vision is to empower and inspire young and old alike to have hope of self-worth and dignity by creating opportunities in business, culture, and education and to provide the environment where people of diverse backgrounds can flourish together by being united in common goals of community, celebration, and respect for one another.
The next meeting is to be a potluck at the Roden home at 6 pm on Wednesday, February 11, 2009.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Roden, Secretary

No-Profit status

We need to meet as soon as possible to finalize our mission statement, confirm officers, define roles and responsibilities, and start to draft bylaws for incorporation. This is one of the conditions for being able to work with the MAAL regarding our loan request. We are on the agenda for their bimonthly meeting, which is on Feb 12th. Zane and I will be attending to providie their steering commiteee and update of our progress. They asked to see our mission statement and officers. They also may require someone to co-sign the loan (for $780), and will need us to pay in full by May 1, 2009. They will probably not charge any interest, although they did rib us about a 1% rate. Last night Sue, Pete and Cathy, and I confirmed our availability for a meeting this Wednesday night Feb 11 at 6 p at Sue Roden's house to work out the above agenda items in prep for our meeting with the MAAL steering committee. I hope you can rearrange your schedule on short notice to make this important meeting. We want and need your valuable input. If you are coming Please bring some food so we can make it a working dinner. If you are planning on attending, please email me back and let me know whether you are bringing a main dish, side dish or salad. Sue will make dessert, I will bring some roasted potatoes (that is about the extent of my culinary skills). This way we can be sure we get a wholesome meal. Come even if you don't have food to bring. Thank you all for your time and committment! See you Wednesday night. Zane, can you get someone to cover for you at the youth center and we promise not to schedule any more Wed night meetings so you can keep your weekly commitment.